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Tilde "~"#

  • Used on:
    • JSPWiki
  • Has semantic connotation wit "not", which might suggest the meaning when seen
  • Pretty rare in normal text (but not unused)
  • Not available on many Keyboards
  • Hard to type under Microsoft Windows (Could you be more precise? I have no trouble typing it using MS Windows with a US or German keyboard)
  • Traditionally used in text as an alternative to hyphen (eg. in number ranges) or meaning "roughly".
  • The exact way of escaping is not obvous (eg. compare ~ }}} vs ~ }~ }~ })
  • Used in programming languages for operators -- pasted code would need escaping, or could change its meaning.
  • Conflicts:

Backslash "\"#

  • Extremely widespread for escaping in:
    • Programming languages
    • File names
    • Regular expressions and search queries
  • Traditional, obvious way of use (always escapes a single character)
  • Never used in normal text
  • Used in Microsoft Windows for paths
  • Commonly used for forced line break (usually doubled)
  • Used in programming languages for escaping -- pasted code would need double escaping, or could look bad.
  • A bit confusing considering the double backslash proposed in Creole 0.4.

Caret "^"#

  • Never used in normal text
  • Rarely used even in programming languages
  • Sometimes used to mean "not"
  • Not on all Keyboards
  • No precedent (?)
  • Conflicts with superscript markup on all wikis that have it

Percent "%"#

  • Commonly used for an alternate escape character, when backslash is not available
    • for printf parameters
    • for time and date formatting
    • for colored text
  • Established way of using (escapes whole chunks)
  • Sometimes used in normal text to denote, uh, percents
  • Used in programming languages for operators, escaping and variable marks -- code needs escaping or it will change meaning
  • Conflicts:
    • TODO

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