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I've set up this wiki. I have initiated the creole initiative together with Chuck Smith, Janne Jalkanen and Ward Cunningham. I am working for the i3g Institute of the Hochschule Heilbronn. You can find out more about me at my personal page at JSPWiki.

You can contact me by email sauer <at> hs-heilbronn.de

Position Statement#

I just came across this wikitext that was entered by an end user into one of our internal wikis, that already supports creole. (I anonymized the example of course)

== Duty Schedule

|  |= Monday |= Thuesday |= Wendsday |
|AM| Henry   | Hanno*    |Christoph  |
|PM| Chuck   | James     |Jörg*      |

* Student
** Please be nice to Students!!!**
** Putting back books has priority **(Really!)** **

The good news is that they all perfectly understand the use of the special characters we have proposed. Using special characters, this thing we techies call "markup" to format text, is not the real issue. But there are some rules and ambiguities that feel strange to them (and to me as well) In a sense this demonstrates the points I tried to get into Creole over the last few weeks, but that have not been accepted. I thought since anyone is putting up stuff that he is not satisfied with, I do the same. But I will no longer push for it, so never mind.

  • Endusers use stars (at least in Germany) as footnotes quite frequently (not even mentioned yet anywhere here, I forgot about it)
  • Endusers don't understand why a linebreak is not a linebreak

I understand that changing those rules would have been too radical, since they are kind of embedded in all wiki markup languages out there. Changing them was not creoles goal, so see it as a critique on wiki markup languages in general. Anyway, I am happy with Creole like it is. It might not be perfect, but it's a huge improvement over the markup mess.

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-05-03

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