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This proposal is withdrawn due to lack of interest and little practical use.

Markup in use #

There is a plethora of quotation styles in common use all over the world:
  • "like this"
  • 'like this'
  • `like this'
  • >>like this like this Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin likePlugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin like
  • »like this«
  • » like this «
  • «like this»
  • ,,like this''
  • ''like this''
  • ``like this''
  • “like this”
  • ’like this’
  • „like this”
  • ‟like this”
  • ‚like this’
  • -- like this --
  • — like this —
  • [ like this ]
  • {like this}
  • <like this>
  • /like this/
  • 「like this」
  • 『like this』

Requirements #

  • suggesting the meaning of quotation
  • unambiguous with existing markup
  • not colliding with common quotation markup (but can be one of them)
  • possible to nest (using different markup for opening and closing)
  • easy to type
  • not exceedingly ugly

Possibilities #

  • ``like this'' -- possible conflict with subscript and common markup for italics
  • ,,like this'' -- possible conflict with common markup for italics
  • ""like this"" -- can't nest

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