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There is a Creole parser plugin for the MoinMoin wiki engine.

It is based on the Creole0.1 draft.

There were several issues when writing it:

  • The bold/italics don't work properly in all cases yet, there is a problem of how to determine whether '' or is closing or opening. I think I will solve it by just keeping the state in a separate variable, but that's not nice.
  • The line breaks are a major pain. Currently I only add them inside paragraphs, and I included a special case that will not add a line break at the end of a paragraph if it is followed by an empty line. The line break is however added if the paragraph is followed by a list or a preformatted block, and I personally don't feel like adding more lookahead special cases.
  • I'm a little bit generous when parsing mixed lists. This is valid:
# One
- Two
- Three
# Four

and gets rendered as:

  1. One
Two Three
  1. Four

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