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Changes proposed for Creole 0.5#

There is a lot of changes proposed for Creole 0.5, and some of them are interdependent. I will try and list them here, so that we can have a better picture. If I skip something, feel free to add it.

  • treat "\n" in paragraphs as space, not as forced line breaks;
  • have a "forced line break" markup (which one?);
  • start headings with single "=", not double;
  • allow "}" at the end of nowiki and preformatted blocks;
  • define three kinds of emphasis, but don't define their presentation;
  • allow forced line break in table cells;

Changes still discussed that seem too immature for 0.5, probably to be proposed for 0.6:

  • quoting markup;
  • table headings;
  • multiline list items;

That's just my "impression" of where we stand, but I think it's important to know it. Now, do we just put it into a draft and discuss it as a whole? This version seems to bring a lot of pretty important changes.

Why 0.5? What happened to 0.4? Also, I'm not sure we need to take such small, incremental steps. Courage!.

To your list, I would add:

  • requiring whitespace after bullet (disambiguate from bold)
  • indented block markup

I'll put my preferences in Raph's 0.4 recommendations.

-- RaphLevien 2007-01-07 (PS: I didn't find the title of this page helpful)

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