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nyctergatis.com is an experimental implementation of a Creole parser written in C. It is not linked to any Wiki. It has the following features:

Creole 0.5 features:

  • bold, italic, bold italic
  • unordered lists and ordered lists with nesting up to 8 levels
  • headings level 1-4
  • links (without images)
  • paragraphs
  • line breaks
  • preformatted
  • horizontal rule
  • tables with headings

Creole 0.5 features not supported:

  • images
  • placeholder

Differences (on purpose):

  • in preformatted text, space+}}} is rendered as is, with space
  • inline {{{...}}} is rendered in normal font (see ## below)

Other markup:

Parser features:

  • C library and command-line tool
  • one pass, based on a state machine
  • conversion to HTML, RTF, LaTeX, plain text, Creole, or customized
  • the parser is as forgiving as possible, producing valid output even with unbalanced markup

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