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You have to copy the RAW content (not: rendered content) of the above pre section to your creole implementation test page: no, because the ~}}} to escape the end marker of the pre block is not Creole. BTW, in the previous sentence, I've tried to write tilde-triplerightbrace in nowiki (which should be fine in Creole) but the tilde isn't rendered...

-- YvesPiguet, 2007-Aug-9

There is a statement in the test page that seems to be inaccurate:

Note: the implementation should not render foo://bar as italic! It's not enough to
protect http://bar from being rendered as italic, because you can have much more
protocols, for example jdbc://bar and ftp://file.

The foo:// should start an italic block, according to the spec (and it is rendered correctly in this wiki).

-- StephenDay, 2007-Oct-18

Is the test case for images correct? It uses:

here is a red flower
here is a red flower

But based on the description in other pages it seems it should be:

here is a red flower
here is a red flower

-- JorgeFerrer, 2008-Feb-4

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