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Good for all likely not of importance anymore in two days

You can always move interesting conversations to a page with an appropriate title later. It's a wiki ;)

New day-entries below this line, please. Entiteling day-entries helps finding back things easier.

2006-09-02 / tingvitation Mattis Manzel: I wanted to invite you to ting with us, there is surely space for wiki-creole-issues. Radomir and I will be there. http://is-root.de/w/index.php/tingWiki/ting75 ting-wiki: ting 75.

I hope to see ("real-time read") some of you tomorrow.

'sunday 3rd September 18:00 UTC is ting-time'

Gobby is great but: The mac installation is time-consuming and very difficult. So if you want to participate on a mac better start installing now ;) - I'm very sorry and a bit unhappy that the otherwise marvelous cross-platform open source collab-editor gobby has this disadvantage. Cu.

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