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This page is reserved for discussion about implementation of Creole in TikiWiki. The item is on our wishlist. There is no set date at the moment.

My (marclaporte) impression: I am very pleased and impressed by the huge amount of research, work and thought put into picking each syntax for Creole. I much appreciate reading the various reasoning pages. Many things are the same or very similar to TikiWiki. For the things that are different, I sometimes feel the Creole way is better. For some other things, I need to think about it a bit more :-)

  1. Interesting syntax:
    1. Double square brackets for external links is better in creole than the current single brackets used by Tiki (accidental linking currently happens as described at LinksReasoning). Note: The current wiki also has the same issue. See the link to implementation at the top.
  2. is nice for italic, so is for underscore
  3. Some of the syntax (bold vs underscore, box vs superscript) would conflict but nothing catastrophic at first glance
  4. Creole has some interesting Additions as well.

Things to consider:

  1. Tiki doesn't not have the culture of an optional plugin/module/extension which you pick and choose from 3 different similar features/options. If we go along with this, it'll be in the main code base, installed by default. More on this at http://marclaporte.com/TikiSucks
  2. Current install base in the tens of thousands so we need a smooth migration path (data and UI). We could add some of the syntax which doesn't conflict and promote those until we eventually phase out the old way.
  3. Tiki is not just a wiki, but also forum, blog, file gallery, calendar, etc. so we have internal links vs external links and we have a syntax to reuse content in the wiki (ex.: upcoming 10 events, last 10 articles)
  4. It would be nice to simplify current plugin syntax
  5. Tiki parser is rock-solid and hasn't significantly been changed for years. Any change could have unintended side effects.

Related: http://tikiwiki.org/RFCWiki

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