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Martijn is the project leader and lead developer of the java-based VQWiki software.
You can reach me through mvdkleijn@vqwiki.org
I expect CREOLE to be a unifying force which will provide a standardization of sorts similar to the W3C recommendations. I've got a few suggestions:
I'd like to suggest some additions/changes which are in line with the currently proposed standard:
__Underlined text__
Creole: {{{ __Underlined text__ }}} (two underscores)
Proposed XHTHML: {{{ <span class="underlined"> </span> }}}
__Stricken text__
Creole: {{{ --Stricken text-- }}}
Proposed XHTML: {{{ <del> </del> }}}
__Superscripted text__
Creole: {{{ ^^This is superscripted text^^ }}}
Proposed XHTML: {{{ <sup> </sup> }}}
__Subscripted text__
Creole: {{{ ~~This is subscripted text~~ }}}
Proposed XHTML: {{{ <sub> </sub> }}}
__No wiki markup__
While I realise that you could use the {{{ {{{ / <pre> }}} code for this, people might not want to have some markup parsed without it being interpreted as "code". I would like to suggest using:
{{{ ==no markup== }}} for simple no markup sections.
{{{ {{code}} }}} on a line of their own would be more logical for blocks of {{{ <code> }}}. It would also be more in line with the rest of Creole if these were double instead of tripple, while another option might be:
{{{ >> preformatted << }}} for regular preformatted text?
I'd like to suggest a small addition to the table definition. To define something as a header entry, we could use the DokuWiki syntax with a minor modification:
|^ header cell |^ header cell |
| normal cell | normal cell |
|^ header cell | normal cell |
| normal cell | normal cell |
Proposed XHTML: {{{ <th> </th> }}}
Is it possible to change the headlines standard to an exclamation mark? Or at least make it optional? A lot of people seem to find exclamation marks more logical.
!Level 1 headline!
!!Level 2 headline!!
-- MartijnVanDerKleijn, 2006-12-11
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