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Recently I've working on extending and improving the formatter for Tiddlywiki version 2.1

I'm also developing plugins for TiddlyWiki that allow TiddlyWiki to support other markup. The aim is to allow text from other wikis to be pasted (or otherwise imported) directly into TiddlyWiki. Plugins under development so far are:

  1. MediaWiki
  2. PBWiki
  3. PmWiki
  4. SocialText
  5. Trac Wiki
  6. TWiki
  7. JSPWiki

see http://martinswiki.com/martinsprereleases.html

I'm the guy who will write the Creole plugin for TiddlyWiki.

Creole 0.1 Test Cases

Creole 0.1 Test Cases 2

Creole Markup Collision Analysis

Wiki Structural Markup Usage

Wiki Character Markup Usage

(Note to myself - remember to comment about markup within headings, images and tables.)

2006-12-28: I've made a TiddlyWiki copy of the content of this wiki, see:


I made this mainly for my benefit, so that I could view this wiki without an internet connection. I'm sharing it since it might be useful to others.

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