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Well, it was just a minor change, but you are right. We should agree on a [ReleasePolicy], but right now i don't have a clue how it could look like. Maybe you could post links to other release policies so that we could learn from them.
-- [ChristophSauer], 2006-11-14
Martin, when would you suggest be the final date before declaring Creole 0.2 final? It really is only a very minor change and has been on the site for a month now for comment.
--[ChuckSmith], 2006-11-14
I'm not asking for you to not declare Creole 0.2 final (after all, you are still accepting comments on 0.3), merely that in future you give more notice. I suggest 2 week's notice for a 0.x release and (at least) a month's notice before you declare Creole 1.0 final.
-- [MartinBudden], 2006-11-16
I found an error in the section "Bold, Italics, Links, Pre in Lists". The last list item in the Creole example contains preformatted markup which should render to {{{<tt>}}} in the recommended XHTML output but does not.
-- [OliverHorn], 2006-11-23
Thanks! I just corrected it.
-- [ChuckSmith], 2006-11-23
I was wondering if there could be wiki creole syntax for underlining and striking text ? These can be very convenient to emphasize something in a text. I often see stroke text as a way to express some sort of "slip of the tongue". So, here is my suggestion, which feels quite straightforward to me, at least :
* underscore as {{{__my underscore text__}}}
* strike as {{{--my stroke text--}}}
If there is a discussion somewhere on this website about "why creole shouldn't have strike and underscore", sorry for the disturbance for I didn't find it.
-- [ThomasGirod], 2006-11-28
Thanks for your suggestion. We are in the process of gathering information and forming kind of GoodPractices for creating a wiki markup -- please add anything you find useful to this link language.
I'm not sure about everyday usefulness of a "subscript" markup, outside some very specific areas of science, which beg for their own markup extensions anyways.
As for strikeout markup, I'm of two minds. On the one hand, I often use those "^H" myself, as a kind of rhetoric figure or pun (by the way, why not use it as the markup? ;) ), on the other hand, it's really very rare -- remember that every feature added to WikiCreole makes it a little harder both to implement and inculcate for wiki developers and admins, and to learn for wiki users. Does it really give you such a great boos in expressiveness to justify that?
A separate issue is the choice of markup -- especially the possible conflicts with dashes and/or signature marks. But that's a minor problem, if we decide to include the "deleted" text, we can surely come up with markup for it.
The main question is: "Do we need it?"
-- [[RadomirDopieralski]], 2006-12-11
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