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Things that make parsers more complicated
One should be able to use regular expressions for transforming Creole to other formats. The following things make this a lot harder:
* The pipe inside links clashes with the table syntax. Links inside tables become nasty to handle with regular expressions.
* The double slash for italics clashes with free-standing URIs. The exceptions are awkward and arbitrary: What about https? This markup will cause problems whenever one writes about anything containing URI-like data, just like it is painful to write about Java classes if a wiki relies on camel case for internal links. ''Anything'' else is OK, IMHO. For example: double tilde is reminiscent of using squiggly underlines for marking up italics in handwriting and does not clash with anything.
* Why expressly forbid markup in headlines? Couldn't it be left unspecified?
Other than that, I like the simplicity of the standard and love the rationale boxes you have added to the right.
-- AxelRauschmayer, 2006-12-22
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