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OK, so I have gone through the current spec and notes on escape character etc. Everything looks //mostly// fine with the current spec in regards to the escape character. However, I feel there are a small number of issues which still need to be clarified...
**Escaping Nowiki and Preformatted**
The current spec implies escaping nowiki and preformatted, however this will not work in practice, particularly with preformatted. I believe the original ideas presented in [[AddNoWikiEscapeProposal]] for preformatted are still useful. Therefore please consider the following.
Preformatted escape specification requires:
# a similar special case for preformatted, or
# to specify that preformatted cannot be escaped.
(The special case for preformatted being my preference.)
Nowiki escape specification requires:
# to specify greedy closure,
# allow full escaping as is possible elsewhere in a wiki document,
# allow minimum escaping of the nowiki close character and the escape character itself, or
# to specify that nowiki cannot be escaped.
(I have no particular preference, it just needs to be clear. Maybe 1 or 3, if I had to choose.)
**Escaping Placeholders and Plugins etc.**
Similar issues. Should the same rules for nowiki and preformatted apply?
Apologies for being such a late comer to the escape discussions. Obviously, I should have followed the original escape discussions more closely! It would be great to get some feedback here. ;-) A simple discussion could resolve these issues. I would change the spec directly but I feel it could lead to discontent.
-- [[MarkWharton]] 2007-06-09
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