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I have difficulties in understanding exactly where this is leading to. I don't know what is
//the more generic escape character rule from Creole Additions// mentionned above by Christoph.
I thought the one-escaped-char rule would finally be adopted (I think Christoph or Chuck said so
recently but I can't find it now), but it isn't in 1.0, so I don't know what will be retained in the final spec.
Basically I share all the concerns of Mark; I just didn't know I had to have such concerns. What I'd
# tildes escape one nonalphanumeric nonblank character outside nowiki, block preformatted, plugins and placeholders and are rendered as tildes everywhere else
# greedy rule for nowiki is preserved
# end marker of block preformatted must be aligned to the left; so the "space escape" still works
# "block plugins" with lines containing only double angle brackets make possible to embed {{{>>}}} in the body of the plugin.
Except for this last rule, I believed this was what Christoph and Chuck had accepted. I know I shouldn't propose the last rule here, just use it quietly in my implementation, because the time for discussion is over.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Jun-9
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