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Many things remain unclear in the current Creole 1.0 draft:
* Some block markup must be aligned on the left (headings), some must not (list items), and some lack information (block preformatted); any justification?
* Escape character introduction should be rewritten ("it //would be// useful", "it would //certainly never// escape"...)
* Mix between escape+nonalphanumeric ("certainly never escape if followed by an alphanumeric character"), escape+any single character (recommendation for camelCase), escape+markup ("only trigger if you use it in combination with a character that has special meaning in creole"), and ad hoc ("Also note that tildes within URLs should not be escaped")
* It isn't specified if escape characters are recognized inside nowiki and preformatted (I fear they are). What about double-tilde?
* If tildes aren't interpreted as escape characters in preformatted/nowiki (which I'm not the only one to wish), "removed escaping closing nowiki triple curly brackets" should be reverted
* "An escape character can be escaped by putting a space after it, since a space cannot be escaped": wrong, this would be rendered as tilde+space instead of a single tilde for a truly escaped tilde
* What does "added escape character to core (as requested in Creole 1.0 Poll) //with exception to URLs//" mean?
* May an implementation which fixes all these issues still be named "Creole"?
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Jun-12
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