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*** I think it would be easier to remember if there is a general rule, with maybe an exception with good, explicit explanation. For instance all block markup should be left-aligned, except list items where indenting makes multilevel lists easier to read and titles where the optional end tags are on the same line. In the current draft, for headings, it's written that "whitespace is not allowed before the left-side equal signs"; for lists and horizontal rules, that "whitespace is optional before and after the * or # characters"; for tables, no indication; and for block preformatted, I guess it's more or less implicit that spaces aren't permitted before braces. -YP
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*** Could you add that a tilde does not escape alphanumeric characters and blanks (general rules which makes URL stuff useless) except before camelCase (useful exception for some wikis), and remove completely the part related to existing markup? Or may I do it? That's the way I interpret all the polls and discussions. -YP
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*** I'd prefer no exception, since then one should add double-tilde, and all fragments where a tilde appears couldn't be used verbatim. Triple closing braces in the middle of nowiki are rare enough that one can end a nowiki fragment and start a new one (like {{{(((some))))))(((unlikely fragment)))}}} to be rendered as //some)))unlikely fragment//, where I've replaced braces with parenthesis to make sure this sample will always be rendered as I want it now); tildes are much more frequent. -YP
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*** Same as above; if you want to use tildes to escape braces, you must also have a way to escape tildes, and it complicates the description a lot (and the implementation, but it's less of a problem). -YP
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*** You mean tilde+space would be rendered as a tilde? That's backward escaping, one more exception I'd rather avoid. -YP
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*** But since there are other exceptions (spaces, alphanumeric, in nowiki/preformatted), it'd be clearer not to mention it here. -YP
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