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It was a pity I missed the 03 July meeting, anyway if I could be there I wouldn't have done more than lurking because I am relatively new to Creole in general. I also think that it would be better to say that "discussion and modifications" to the Creole spec are currently on hold, instead of the set amount of time of 2 years which can be an epoch in the IT world.
Also, shouldn't the specification change (I know that this democratical concept conflicts with the "moving target" issue and creates a paradox) when more people (let's say for example, in the case that the number of people interested doubles) joins? That's why I am generally against a "frozen" idea: it is something that mature projects can do, WikiCreole is a high-quality project but it is not yet so widespread to make such choices (in my humble opinion). I know that having it "frozen" will help developers to catch with it, but was it the correct choice from the marketing point of view? (please no flames, I am new here and I am respectful to this great project and the work that other people have done up to now!)
Most probably there isn't a yes/no answer, a compromise had to be done, in such case please excuse me for moving around the dust
-- [[DanieleC.]], 2007-Jul-12
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