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Hello, not quite sure of how/where corrections should be sent.
There appears to be a conflict between the line break section and the list section.
From the Line break section
Recommended XHTML:
* This is a single list item
followed by a paragraph?
<li>This is a single list item</li>
followed by a paragraph
First note, that the "?" is missing from the XHTML (and the use of "?" here is a bit confusing).
More importantly, this seems to contradict what is in the list section:
A list item ends at the line which begins with a * or # character
(next item or sublist), blank line, heading, array, or nowiki block;
like paragraphs, it can span multiple lines and contain line breaks
forced with \\.
To me, "span multiple lines" implies that
* foo
new paragraph
should render to
<li> foo
new paragraph
Other note: what is an "array" block? I don't think this term is used previously or anywhere else.
What is the correct list element processing?
# Close list element at end of line (from Line Break section)
# Close list element when new list element is found, or when a block element is encountered (e.g. table, heading, hr, paragraph) (from List section)
thanks all
-- [[NickGalbreath]], 2007-July-17
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