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I'd count "clear separation of markup & content" as a vote for "semantic", but that's just me. The term "content" is blurry at best, and the whole sentence can mean many things to different people.
About semantic/visual, I don't really have any preference as long as we agree on one of them. The current trend in development of Internet seems to be towards "semantic" things, making it easier for indexing and searching, and even for automatic processing of data. The visual tags are discouraged in modern dialects of HTML, and even obsolete. This is how professionals want to see the future of the Internet.
On the other hand, wikis are just tools "to have the job done" and on top of that "in the simplest way that could possibly work", which usually means delegating as much as possible to the humans using them -- including interpretation of semantics. I can bet that people *will* use the markup in many creative ways we haven't even thought about -- it happened before. Remember using single quotes for escaping wiki markup, or that weird rule for indenting text? Their "semantic" doesn't make sense, but they are rendered the right way. In the end, visual markup leaves more power in the user's hands.
And let's not forget what Creole s supposed to be. If a wiki engine it is used in has "semantic" markup, the text can be refactored to use it by the users who can grasp the meaning and who care. The problem might be clashes between Creole's visual markup, and similar (or identical) semantic markup used in the wiki in question...
It's hard to decide on this, I wish this topic was brought up on the workshop.
-- [RadomirDopieralski], 2006-09-15
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