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Last night's IRC meeting, 2007-Jun-19#

We had a very productive IRC chat last night with the following participants: Radomir Dopieralski, Martin J, Yves Piguet, Christoph Sauer, Alex Schroeder and Chuck Smith. An archive of our chat can be found at 19 Jun Meeting. We successfully covered the topics of whitespace before horizontal rules and url escaping rules. As for whitespace, we decided as a general rule that leading whitespace is allowed before Creole elements, for example: headings, list items, horizontal rules and tables.

Now only two issues remain: whether to have multiline list items and how to escape the ending triple curly braces within nowiki. It is asked that after you explore the issues, to please indicate your position in the Creole 1.0 Poll.

We will have another follow-up meeting on Tuesday, 2007-Jun-26, 21:00 GMT, IRC channel #creole on freenode.

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