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Anti Spam#

Having just removed some links from a page, and knowing the real hassle spam causes everyone, it seems CRITICAL that creole includes within the specification provision to tackle spam.

That is to say, the problem of spam should be dealt with at the specification stage and so integrated into the spec, rather than trying to be bolted on at a later stage.

There are two main reasons (??) for spam:

  1. Creating links to boost the profile of sites in search engines.
  2. As a form of virtual grafetti
The specification should not say: [[http://ripuoff.con|Hot chicks]] will create a link, but should say may create a link so that sites which decide not to allow links or some links, may say they are creole compliant.

The specification should imly that the default format for a link is with the rel="nofollow" Action included.

That is to say the Creole specification should say that a Creole compliant wiki will ahve the nofollow action on all publicly/anonymous postable forums.

This will mean that rather than making it easier for spam to post to wikis, that the creole specification will mean that sites can only remove the nofollow action where they take additional steps to prevent spam. This will protect everyone.

Grafetti spam#

Obviously wikis may restrict certain words or phrases. Again, the specification should permit this for creole compliant sites.

The proposal is to have **** as a generic blanking sequence.

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