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I've done some collision analysis of the wikis at WikiPopularity. The results are at Wiki Structural Markup Usage and Wiki Character Markup Usage. (I've split this into two pages so that the tables display across the width of a single page.)

The analysis shows:

  1. the choice of **..** and //..// for bold and italic is collision free
  2. {{...}} for images collides with following wikis:
    1. MediaWiki for templates
    2. Confluence for mono
    3. JSP Wiki for mono
    4. Wikispaces for mono
    5. StikiPad for mono
  3. {{{...}}} collides with MediaWiki template parameters
  4. == for headings has two partial collisions:
    1. TikiWiki where ===...=== is used for underline
    2. DokuWiki where the heading order is reveresed, that is ===== is a level 1 heading
  5. [[link|text]] has a partial collision with TiddlyWiki
  6. *... (bulleted list) has a collision with PukiWiki where it is used for heading
  7. #... (numbered list) has a collision with Midgard Wiki where it is used for heading
  8. <<...>> has a collision with TiddlyWiki, where it is used for macros

Please add the collisions with markup of wiki engines you know!

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