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This a test for creole 0.1 (1)#

This is a Subheading (2)#

Subsub (3)#

Subsubsub (4) You can make things bold or italic or both. Character formatting extends across line breaks: bold, this is still bold. This line deliberately does not end in star-star. Not bold. Character formatting does not cross paragraph boundaries. You can use InternalLinks or external Links, give the link a different name. Here's another sentence: This Wisdom is taken from Ward Cunninghams Presentation at the Wikisym 06 you can use this to draw a line to seperate the page
you can format a adress by simply adding linebreaks My contact dates: Pone: xyz Fax: +45 Mobile: abc You can use lists, start it at the first column for now, please... unnumbered lists are like
  • item a
  • item b
  • bold item c**
or you can number them
  1. item a
  2. item b
  3. italic item c
up to five levels
  • 1
    • 2
      • 3
        • 4
          • 5
you can use nowiki syntax if you would like do stuff like this
Guitar Chord C:
or if you need that in a sentence like this.

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