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I have a Wiki engine that has a dialect based loosely on MediaWiki's dialect. My original thinking was that this might evolve as a standard. I am now in the process of developing a wiki engine based on Creole 1.0. It currently supports everything in the 1.0 spec except for secondary levels of lists. It also supports most of the formatting extensions.

Anyway, as part of this activity, I have been developing a Springified Java package for my engine. I was thinking that it might be of interest to other Java developers. While I am not yet interested in placing my engine itself into the open source domain, I would be willing to share the interfaces and abstract classes above and around the engine either as source or as documentation to stimulate further discussion. Is anyone else working on this or interested in seeing what I have done?

If there is enough interest, is there any particular place on the Creole Wiki where I should post it?

-- JohnCook

2007-Jul-16 Update: I now support the multi level lists. This completes my 1.0 implementation except that I am definitely having trouble with mixing second level unordered lists with bold. Does anyone have recommendations for a strategy here?

-- JohnCook

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