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Auto Signatures like in this wiki are called "magic words" by mediawiki software designers - that is, data substituted at edit time ( ~~~~ as signature, ~~~~~ as date) or at render time (so-called MAGICWORDS ) are poorly provided in the syntax.

Without complicating, may I suggest a structure in the creole schema to handle "such arbitrary words as the wiki designer/creole user might wish to create"?

Common Magic Words#


Syntax would be a single char prefix , hence <char><a-z><non-a-z terminator

Problem: We use tilde as escape character, so we need some other characters for this.

Syntax in other engines#

The JSPWiki Creole filter implements one magic word, the autosignature, but only for conveniance reasons, not because of the spec. It was taken over from mediawiki markup.

MoinMoin uses @MAGICWORD@, for example @SIG@ for "-- UserName Date".

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