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Borys is very experineced with his text editor of choice. He keeps nearly all his notes in text files, he does some ascii-art and he also writes various FAQs and howtos.

He is very proud of his sophisticated, byzantine, nearly ascii-artish markup. The headings always have various decorative bits and pieces attached, he uses at least 5 different styles of text in his parapgraps (from crude ALLCAPS, through MiXeDcAsE, l e t t e r s p a c e d, 1337 to some /-\ _\^ (_ | | - /-\ |^, ^|^ and variations). He will often spend hours on a single paragraph of text, even rewriting it if the words don't wrap right.

He considers wiki markup very simple, and always pays additional attention to nicely wrap and indent the raw text of the page, so it looks equally well (or even better) than when rendered.

When a wiki engine he uses lacks markup for something, he will make up his own, and use it consistently, even when it's not marked up in any way in the rendered page.

He will often reformat the sources and correct the formatting of text posted by other people.

The first thing he did with his web browser was to hack it to use his favorite editor of choice for editing textareas.

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