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Hi Michele, just tested a little bit on your sandbox, seems that external links without description don't work


--ChristophSauer, 1-Feb-2007

Wow, not a minor bug! Thanks Christoph. It should be fixed now.

-- MicheleTomaiuolo, 2007-02-01

I still need some reflection before being totally convinced by multiline headings, unlike list items and Wouldn't you like to at least consider the final = as the heading end marker? I.e.

would be handled like


-- YvesPiguet, 2007-03-02

Yes Yves, I see your point. Not all elements are intuitive to use when they're multi-line. Probably, headings aren't. Moreover, they should be short. This is just some experimentation, to put hands on.

Instead, it certainly makes sense for list items and indented paragraphs. In fact, Creole supported reasons for ignoring newlines in paragraphs... The same reasons stand here.

-- Michele Tomaiuolo, 2007-07-02

Hello Michele,

I just stumbled over this bug:

= heading =
some text

gets treated as

= heading = some text

which is clearly wrong.

I don't see any reason to have multiline headings at all.

-- cb, 2008-08-07

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