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Text::WikiCreole is a Creole 1.0 parser written in Perl. It features:

  • One-pass parsing. Call it a regex/statemachine hybrid.
  • Complete 1.0 implementation, plus...
    • Plugins
    • Definition lists
    • Indented Paragraphs
    • Monospace, superscript, subscript, underline
    • Trademark, Registered Trademark, Copyright, ellipsis, and dash special characters
  • Custom link altering function (prefix base URL, port, etc)
  • Tag customization for CSS, etc

It's grammar based, so could be easily adapted to parsing other dialects or (more easily) for converting Creole to other dialects.

Examples from the test directory of the distribution:

block.markup block.html
inline.markup inline.html
escape.markup escape.html
specialchars.markup specialchars.html

check it out

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