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The Creole 0.1 spec is quite a lot to read. We try to put as many assumptions of creole into the validation cases below. Simply copy this into the sandbox of your favorite wiki and see if it works

== This a test for creole 0.1 (1)
=== This is a Subheading (2)
==== Subsub (3)
===== Subsubsub (4)

You can make things **bold** or //italic// or **//both//**.

Character formatting extends across line breaks: **bold,
this is still bold. This line deliberately does not end in star-star.

Not bold. Character formatting does not cross paragraph boundaries.

You can use [[InternalLinks]] or [[http://www.wikicreole.org|external Links]], give the link a [[InternalLinks| different]] name.

Here's another sentence: This Wisdom is taken from [[Ward Cunninghams]] [[http://www.c2.com/doc/wikisym/WikiSym2006.pdf|Presentation at the Wikisym 06]]

Here's a external link without a description...

you can use this to draw a line to seperate the page

you can format a adress by simply adding linebreaks

My contact dates:
Pone: xyz
Fax: +45
Mobile: abc

You can use lists, start it at the first column for now, please...

unnumbered lists are like
* item a
* item b
* **bold item c**

or you can number them
# [[item a]]
# item b
# // italic item c //

up to five levels
* 1
** 2
*** 3
**** 4
***** 5

you can use nowiki syntax if you would like do stuff like this

Guitar Chord C:


or if you need that {{{ in a sentence }}} like this.

Sample test cases:

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