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I couldn't find any way in the spec to put in a "hard space" which would not removed. E.g "|Row one" vs. "| Row one"

-- Isonomia 2008, Apr, 28

There isn't.

-- YvesPiguet, 2008-Apr-28

Logically speaking a "hard space" ( ) should be an escaped white space "~ ". Obviously this may not be isn't possible which makes a space a bit of a special case alongside a "hard newline" (<br>) which should be:-

"This is a line of text~<uline>

OK, so it would appear that a "hard newline" is

Accoding to wikipedia " In Wikitext, the character entity reference often represents NBSP. In TeX and LaTeX, a tilde (~) is used to denote the hard space."

Assomeone who can't remember even though I use it regularly I wouldwholeheartedly try to disuade anyone from using &nbsp. would be asensible proposal, but 10:1 people will not expect to suddenlydisappear everytime they put it into the text so I wouldn't support itsuse.

Other suggestions I have are:-

  1. {} "An empty image????"
  2. <> "???
  3. [] "An empty link .... I'm going to suggest this for internal links"
  4. \~ "Almost logical but Not at all practical.

Ican't remember ever seeing "<>" being used elsewhere so perhapsas it almost represents a container of space, it is perhaps the mostsensible proposal.

-- Isonomia 2008-Apr-28

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