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What common values do wikis share? Is this the right expression or should we better write common attributes. Do we need a definition?

--Christoph 27.08.06

Ok here's a place now to discuss our common values Ohana:WikiPrinciples

--Christoph 07-Sep-2006

Minor point - should you not require people to log in to make edits to this site? If you don't it will eventually get spammed.

-- MartinBudden, 2006-09-11

Isn't it a wiki? How do you want to receive feedback if you don't allow everyone to post? And spam can be easily reverted, right?

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2006-09-11

I'm not sure where to ask this question, so I'm asking it here. I want to correct a stupid error on my part: when I created my profile I misunderstood the term "wikiname" so I just typed "martinswiki". I now understand it means "nickname for use on this wiki" and so would like to change this to "MartinBudden", however there seems to be no option on my profile to do so. Can someone tell me how to do this (or alternatively, can an administrator do this for me)?

-- MartinBudden, 2006-Sep-11

Thanks for Wiki Creole! I have been looking for practical information about wikis and wiki implementations and have found it here. I'm using the information to build myself a personal wiki to create and manage documentation, tech notes, and reports etc. for work. It looks like fun. If it seems useful, I might provide some feedback on what I learn going through the process.

-- MarkWharton, 2006-11-22

I was just approached on IRC by a translator, who pointed out that the translation process is completely insane and discouraging. Not only you have to download and edit some tag-soup pseudo-html file created with Word, not only you have to repeat each entry twice, but once you're done there is absolutely no way to figure out how to upload your translation -- just repeating the markup from other uploaded translations doesn't work.

Honestly, if we want anybody to translate, we need to lower the barriers a little. The translator suggested a wiki plugin that would use standard gettext's .po files, but for now I just created a CheatSheetTranslation page, and re-made the English HTML file, to make it real html and hopefully a little more readable. I also made capitalization a little more consistent and fixed some spelling. english_cheat_sheet.html(info)

-- Someone

Please provide a link/button/whatever to turn off magic Google SearchTermHighlighting. If I'm googling 'wiki creole' and arrive at the Wiki Creole Home page, I really don't need half the page to be yellow.

-- MatijsVanZuijlen, 2008-06-24

Attention webmaster!!! http://wikicreole.org (no "www") shows some crap.

-- Victor Grishchenko, 2008-07-20

Thanks for the hint, we virtualized our servers and forgot the mapping without www...

-- ChristophSauer, 2008-Jul-24 12:44 (CEST)

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