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What is needed most now, is a fixed set of markup for the basic elements we agreed on at WikiSym. This markup should be marked "CREOLE 0.1" should be available in a fixed, non-changeable form (PDF comes to mind but a .txt would be fine as well). This two or three pages long document should then be the standard all Wiki developer who which to contribute should implement.

Only after this is done and implemented in at least a few engines we can continue to argue on how CREOLE should evolve.


Hear, hear!


Ok, we will make one till the end of the week (at the latest, even earlier) and publish it in the already known poster form as PDF. We just will specify the whitespaces for each element a little bit closer now, thats it. There's just one thing i am still uncertain: should we go for lists with hyphens(dashes) or with arsterisk now?

My vote is for asterisk, because of principle no2: not new --Christoph

I favour asterisks, but I could live with dashes as well. I can not really remember what we finally voted for at WikiSym. Didn't Eugene do a last poll before the break? -- AndreasGohr

I prefer asterisks -- they are kind of traditional already. -- RadomirDopieralski

Let's support both? To be honest, however, I'm astonished that it is still open for discussion. Do we have a list of things that are open for discussion? Unfortunately I was under the implression that AllMarkup was "fixed" and that's why I started implementing it. Had I known that there are still elements under discussion I would have waited. -- AlexSchroeder

Sorry for beeing not clear about that. But we will fix that with 0.1. at the end of this week. I just tested your sandbox and have to say it's the first time to edit a wiki that I don't know and it does "almost" exactly what I expect. It's my first wow experience with creole. This "almost" is just due to some missing specs here. So no waste of time, Alex. It's just cool. Thanks!

I am fine with dashes as well after this wow experience. If you are in mixed mode you can use both anyway, true. So lets go for dashes in 0.1. Majority at Wikisym voted for dashes. Any objections?


Asterisks, of course. NO PDF! Working copies should not be PDF! How would I grab a copy of that document and give suggestions on it? PDF's imply ownership to a particular person who happens to have the original...

Please use the Wiki, and direct all discussion to the discussion page. Then it's easy to duplicate to Creole0.2.

-- JanneJalkanen, 05-Sep-2006

I don't remember exactly why everybody on wikisym raised their hands on dashes, could somebody refresh my memory on the situation there, please?

I did't mean to only use a PDF. I was thinking about using AllMarkup and than stating on the Creole0.1 page that a specific version is Version 0.1

Creole 0.1 is,
* [AllMarkup|http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/AllMarkup?version=20]
* [AllMarkup Discussion|http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/Talk.AllMarkup?version=20]

Elements 0.1
* [Links|http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/Links?version=20]
* [Headings|]

and even nail down the individual versions of the element pages like this

or should we better always duplicate the pages?


I think it would be better to write a single document, even if it will become a bit unwieldy after a time. It's better for deployability.

-- JanneJalkanen

OK, any suggestions on what numbering scheme we should we use?

-- Christoph

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